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Bullet Proofing Transmissions In Plainfield, IL

Have you heard of bullet proofing your transmission? Anyone can get from A to B, but getting from A to B first is how you win. To win sometimes, depending on what kind win your going after, takes the proper equipment to get there. Hence when talking about putting the pedal to the metal, a beefed up transmission, a built trans, a performance transmission, or maybe even a bullet proofed transmission may be required to burn that rubber so to say.

Question: What is a “bullet proof transmission“?

Answer: 1. A “bullet proof transmission” is a type of transmission rebuild service we offer. 2. A transmission that has been custom built for a certain application. 3. A transmission that has been built to be beat on. 4. A transmission built for racing.


After we bullet proof a transmission for one of our customers, typically it leaves with: 1. Performance, stronger built, torque converter. 2. Performance blue steel & kevlar clutch packs. 3. Internal spring adjustments, different spring applications, police interceptor spring packages, etc. 4. Valve body adjustment, modifying, updating. 5. Programming. Are the basics.

Bullet Proof Transmissions Plainfield, Naperville, Bolingbrook, Woodridge, Downers Grove, Lisle, Lemont, Romeoville, IL

Question: What kind of vehicles come in wanting their transmissions bullet proofed?

Answer: Over many years Last Chance Auto Repair has overhauled, built up, bullet proofed, automatic transmissions for Chevys, Fords, Mopars, RV’s, Tow vehicles, Off-road racers, Stadium trucks, Sports cars, Grocery getters, etc.

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Performance Automatic Transmissions
Performance Transmission Rebuilding
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Performance Transmissions
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Last Chance Auto Repair specializes in performance automatic transmission services (bullet proofing transmissions), torque converters, performance flexplates, performance automatic shifters, precision manual shifters, and many other transmission service options including deep aluminum transmission pans, transmission coolers, plus updated custom transmission lines. What ever it takes to help get you from A to B faster, were there for you.

Our Performance Transmission History

Are you looking for a performance (bullet proofing) transmission shop in Plainfield, IL? Not in Plainfield, Illinois? We’ve been offering performance transmission services since the 70’s to all of Chicago’s southwest suburbs, plus beyond. Including Naperville, Bolingbrook, Oswego, Downers Grove. Our performance (bullet proofed) automatic transmissions feature the exact mix of components needed to perform at peak performance for it’s intended application. From custom, street, strip, or track, were here for all of your performance transmission needs.

We Build High-Performance Transmissions

Performance Transmissions
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Race Transmissions

Performance Transmissions Plainfield, Naperville, Bolingbrook, IL

Do you have a high-performance transmission need? We build high-performance transmissions. We basicly offer two different types of performance transmission rebuild services.

Performance Transmission Rebuild Type 1 – The first type of performance transmission service we offer is for people who want more performance than stock, but nothing too radical in shift pattern. This transmission service does not drastically alter shifting but will provide firmer, more pronounced shifting. A great all around quality performance rebuild service that can handle mild amounts of power. You think it up, will build it up.

Performance Transmission Rebuild Type 2 – Our second type of performance transmission rebuild service (bullet proofed) is for our more serious performance minded customers who wants a transmission that will meet his particular application (race, track, street) needs. These transmissions are built with heavy-duty performance in mind. Special components and procedures are matched to obtain maximum performance for your engine application.

4 Responses to “Bullet Proofing Transmissions In Plainfield, IL”

  1. Don Hocutt:

    I am doing mods on a 1999 Ford F150 Lightning
    On the transmission I will replace the torque converter with a 2400 stall, add a deep pan/filter, replace the valve body for firmer shifts. I need the rear seal ( by the drive shaft) replaced and advice on other maintenance. Do you do this sort of thing ? I am ordering the parts from Lightning Force Performance. Approx cost?


      Sure no problem, performance transmissions are one of our many specialties. So I gave your info plus phone number to one of our transmission experts. They said they gave you a call to discuss your situation and to go over all the details. They left a message and we have not heard back from you yet. Feel free to call us back anytime, our phones ring 24-7.

  2. Dave:

    I have TH400 I like to get gone thru and have a trans brake installed. It is a low mileage 400 out of motor home.let me if you can build it up to handle 860 HP 540 bbc.

    Thanks Dave!

  3. glen freimuth:

    Info and price on 200R4 for use in 64 Chevelle with ZZ5 motor, rated 400HP and 400Lbs tq. Mostly street. Have good core.

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