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Need an auto repair shop near me that you can trust plus afford? Our team has been serving Plainfield, Naperville, Bolingbrook, Romeoville, IL, & beyond since 1978. We are your local, dealership alternative, #1 choice auto repair shop.

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Last Chance Auto Repair is the most comprehensive, bumper to bumper, ethical, local auto repair shop. Family owned plus operated with family prices included. Offering auto repair & service for domestic plus foreign vehicles A-Z.

Low-cost & BBB A+ quality guaranteed with every service. Unlike most shops we don’t have any big, hungry, corporate mouths that need to be fed. Hence the reason we can offer a guaranteed low-cost auto repair & service. Take the low-cost, mix it with highly trained ASE mechanics, add a touch of BBB A+ quality, you get Last Chance Auto Repair.

Over many years our auto repair shop has become known for an unyielding commitment to automotive service excellence plus complete satisfaction. Our knowledgeable team is familiar with most car, van, suv, auto, truck, classic, vehicles complete. Do you have questions for us? Call our team Last Chance Auto Repair at (815)577-0327 now!


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Last Chance Auto Repair is an auto repair shop that has been serving Plainfield, Naperville, Bolingbrook, IL, & beyond since 1978. Your #1 choice dealership alternative auto repair shop with over 200+ years of combined knowledge, service & repairs under our belts. Family owned, ran, with family prices included. Our team welcomes you to our website and shop. Local auto repair & service at it’s finest. Offering domestic & foreign vehicle services A-Z. You brake it, we’ll fix it. Quality auto repair & service, priced right. Count on Last Chance Auto Repair for all your service needs!
Need a brake repair? Does your brake warning light come on when your driving? Is your brake fluid low? Does you need your brake fluid flushed? Are you hearing a grinding or a squealing sound when you apply your brake pedal? Do you feel a pulsation or some sponginess in your brake pedal when it is pressed? Does your vehicle steer or pull to one side when braking? Regardless of your brake issue we have you covered? We offer brakes for car, van, SUV, truck, classic, domestic & foreign vehicles A-Z. You brake it, we’ll fix it. Call today to schedule a free brake inspection.
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Engine repair services A-Z. Your engine is the heart of your Car, Van, SUV, Auto, Truck, Classic, Vehicle, just like human hearts they need to be taken care of. An engine that is running perfectly makes a vehicle more pleasurable to drive. Routine maintenance needs to be done on any engine. Even new vehicles have spark plugs, ignition cables & filters that on occasion need to be serviced. A tune-up is key to a healthy vehicle and to making your investment last. Wondering how your engine is feeling? Call to schedule a free computer scan to see how healthy your engine is.
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Transmission expert here for you. We offer transmission repair, maintenance, & rebuilding services A-Z. Before starting most repairs, we will perform a diagnostic scan on your transmission plus vehicle computer control systems. In most cases free of any charge. If your automatic or manual transmission does require a repair, our team will repair or if need be rebuild your vehicle’s transmission correctly with BBB A+ quality and a competitive more than fair price included. From basic repair to major rebuilds our mechanics know transmissions. Offering three month to lifelong warranties.
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Looking for a suspension shop? We are the local suspension expert, your #1 choice. Do you know what your suspension is all about? Your suspension maintains your vehicle’s ride height. Reduces the effect of shock forces. Helps maintain wheel alignment. Supports your vehicles weight. Keeps your tires on the road. Helps control your direction of travel. Your suspension does all this with shocks, struts & springs, an assortment of bushings, several different types of linkages, that all connect your vehicle to the wheels. We’ve got all your suspension needs covered A-Z, call today.
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24-7 towing & roadside assistance. Need a towing or roadside assistance service? We offer quality, low-cost, fast response towing & roadside assistance services 24-7. Bring it to our shop and get a discount off of our already low rates. We specialize in light & medium duty towing & roadside assistance service. Services include jump start, auto lockout, flat-tire change, gas delivery, mobile battery replacement services from A-Z. We’ve got all your towing & roadside assistance needs covered Plainfield, Naperville, Bolingbrook, IL, & all surrounding suburbs.
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Auto Service Plainfield Illinois Domestic & Foreign A-Z

Auto Repair In Plainfield, ILAre you having car problems? Last Chance Auto Repair offers highly educated ASE trained mechanics that specialize on domestic & foreign automobiles. Our diagnostic skills speak for themselves. We’ve been diagnosing emissions, engine, transmission, electrical systems, and a whole lot more for many many years. Our knowledgeable team has top-notch diagnostic equipment applicable for most makes & models. Give us a call now.

Domestic vehicles include but are never limited to Buick, Cadillac, Chevy, Chrysler, Corvette, Dodge, Ford, GM, GMC, Hummer, Jeep, Lincoln, Mercury, Oldsmobile, Plymouth, Pontiac, & Saturn. Do you want to schedule a domestic vehicle repair or service? When it comes to domestic automobiles we have you covered. Call now to make an appointment.

Our knowledgeable mechanics also specialize on foreign vehicles. Including Acura, Audi, BMW, Fiat, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Isuzu, Jaguar, KIA, Land Rover, Lexus, Nissan, Mazda, Mercedes Benz, Mini Cooper, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Porsche, Saab, Scion, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, Volvo, Volkswagen a.k.a. VW. You brake it, we’ll fix it. Our skills plus many years of experience lead to quality automotive repair & service that you can trust & afford.

Experienced Plainfield Auto Repair Professionals

Best Auto Repair Shop In, Near, Plainfield, ILOver at Last Chance Auto Repair our team specializes in domestic & foreign vehicle repair, maintenance, diagnostic, plus rebuild service A-Z. We are the local brake, engine, transmissions, suspension, timing belt, plus emissions systems expert. Our team is here for all your auto service needs. Call our team today, tonight, 24-7 at (815)577-0327 we’re always here for you.

From a diagnostic repair to a complete overhaul rebuild service. We include a warranty on all services. We also offer a low cost & quality guarantee. Our superior customer service will even accept local competitor repair estimates, then beat them by 10% or more with our BBB A+ quality included at no additional charge. Will physically show you where will save you money. Bring an estimate by, we have you covered. How can our team help you? Call us now!


Best Auto Repair Shop In Plainfield, IL

Simply The Best

Auto Repair Shop
5 5 1
These guys are simply the best in the Midwest. Probably even farther, but I do not go that far to get my car repaired. Now having said that, Ron and the gang are as honest as it is going to get. Sometimes a little too honest. But at least you know the truth. I have brought three different vehicles to Ron in the last 18 months. In all 3 cases, he fixed the cars as quick as possible, and was highly fair in cost. Interestingly, the first one, a Ford Explorer, was deemed unrepairable by both the Ford dealer mechanic and another repair shop. So we found Last Chance since it was literally our Last Chance. That, and the fact we passed it everyday on the way home. You know what they say- Location, Location, Location! Well, we brought it into Ron, and after a very long conversation about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness, Ron got his guys to work and they pinpointed the problem and fixed it in one day's time. It was seriously impressive, and surprisingly cheap (Ron- if you read this do not raise prices). Best of all, it was fixed. Well then there was the BMW. That was a nightmare scenario that Ron and his guys were able to fix up for us and get it back on the road again. Word to the wise- avoid at all costs any BMW dealers located in Naperville. Whatever you do, no matter if your name is Bill, or your name is Jacob, avoid it. Well we just got to visit Spa Ron for a third time with the Escape. Problem diagnosed, repaired, and returned in less than 1 day. He always makes time, not only for us, but for every customer. I cannot figure out how they do it, but I do see the garage opened after 7PM on the way home from baseball practice with my son a lot. So maybe they throw time at it. Whatever it is, they do a fantastic job at fixing problems and getting customers moving again. Thanks Ron and team for all that you have done, and all that you have yet to do for our family's cars. One last note: You MUST take the time to meet with Sherry. Or is it Sheri. Or is it Sherri. Or perhaps it French, Cherie. Like Mon Cherie. Whatever- she is too cool for school. Without Sheri, or Sherry, or etc... Last Chance might be Lost Chance. Just kidding! She is the beautiful face of the franchise, and her pleasant and friendly smile greets you when you stop in. Be sure to chat with her- she is a rib tickler.

Family owned!

Auto Repair Shop
5 5 1
Family owned priced right kind of auto repair shop in Plainfield, IL. When my Lexus needs anything I count on Last Chance Auto Repair. Excellent service & superior customer service. My #1 choice auto repair shop. Give them a call and then they will soon be your #1 choice auto repair shop to!

Such nice people

Auto Repair Shop
5 5 1
My front brakes needed to be replaced. I went to another dealership "repair shop" and they were being around the bush with some parts that needed to be replaced and gave me a shady price. I called Last Chance Auto Repair they were willing to look for the parts I needed and were more than happy to install them for me. While they were working on it they were nice enough to give me a ride home until they were done. Such great service and nice people!

Heat Not Working

Auto Repair Shop
5 5 1
The heat in our 2006 Nissan Pathfinder was not working and it needed the u-joints replaced, so we brought it to Last Chance Auto Repair on the recommendation of a friend. Let's face it, no matter kind of high praise I may hear about a mechanic, I will always approach my first visit with a sense of dread and skepticism. I don't know THAT much about cars and I'm not made of money, so it is going to take quite a bit to gain my trust. This being said, I am pleased to report that my LCAR experience was every bit as good as my friend said it would be! What really stood out was the superior customer service. Sherri was pleasant and efficient in taking down my information and concerns about the car, and made sure I knew up front what their labor rate was (they even have a sign hung up stating this information). I hadn't previously experienced this kind of transparency with an auto repair shop, and it was much appreciated. She told me they would get back to me promptly with a diagnosis, and not start working on the vehicle without my consent. A few hours later I received a call from Ron and he confirmed what I already knew about the need for a u-joint replacement. With regards to the heater, he told me that the problem could be remedied by removing the core and soaking it in radiator flush. This was a pleasant surprise as the dealer had said the heater core would need to be replaced. Ron stated that the soaking procedure was not something most places would do and I believe him. When it came time to pick up and pay the next evening I dealt with Corry, Ron's son, as everyone else left early to attend some continuing education classes. Corry continued the top notch customer service in taking the time to educate me on exactly how my final billing amount was determined. He expressed a genuine concern in making sure I felt the price was fair and my overall experience satisfactory, which it was! I am very happy to have found a reliable mechanic, and will certainly be returning for next maintenance or repair job.

Great Experience

Auto Repair Shop
5 5 1
I had a great experience with Last Chance Auto Repair. I have never needed a real auto shop until now. Up until now, my dad was my mechanic, since I drove newer cars that didn't need more than regular maintenance. I didn't even know the first thing about calling a tow truck. Who do I call? Where do they take my car? My husband's car wouldn't start on a Tuesday morning. After replacing the battery, the car still would not start. On Wednesday morning, I called Last Chance, who has their own towing service. By Wednesday afternoon, tow truck driver Zach had picked up the car. By Thursday afternoon, I spoke with Sheri who quoted me exactly what the problem was and the price. She followed up with a second phone call to tell me that, in order to replace the starter, they had to remove and replace something to get to the starter. The heads up was much appreciated; I like that I can trust this place to contact me before ringing up a bill in my name. I didn't hear from anyone all day Friday, so I called on Saturday afternoon to investigate. I spoke with Ron, whom I spoke to during several other phone calls, but I could tell by his tone that he was definitely distracted and busy. There's a reason he works with cars and not people. Don't let his dry humor or shortness deter you from getting your car fixed here. The car was ready to pick up on Saturday, so we drove over. The garage is tiny, and it seems that there aren't a ton of employees, so if you're ringing their phone off the hook, there probably isn't anyone there manning the phone. It was a little frustrating at times talking to Ron, he always sounded surprised ("we have a Honda Accord here?"), but during most phone calls he was quite pleasant. Zach and Sheri were also very courteous and polite on the phone. When all was said and done, replacing the starter (including some gaskets and something else), plus the cost of the tow truck, minus the 10% off Yelp check-in deal, we spent around $450 - basically a car payment, which is by far better than being strapped with monthly payments.

Car Broke Down

Auto Repair Shop
5 5 1
My daughter's car broke down in Naperville on a Friday evening which was nowhere close to where we live or our mechanic. I used Yelp to find a local towing company with 24 hour service. Not being familiar with the area I asked if they could recommend a repair facility and they took it to Last Chance. I got a call from Sherri first thing Saturday and she told me that they were on vacation, but would call one of their mechanics to work on our car Monday. They were able to fix the car that day and took care of several other minor issues at the same time. On top of it all their rates were extremely reasonable. This is truly unbelievable service by a company willing to go above and beyond. I highly recommend them to anyone in the area.

Compressor Seized

Auto Repair Shop
5 5 1
My car recently decided to make a terrible noise from the engine and worrying that it would die on my commute I drove it over to Last Chance Auto Repair to investigate. They quickly were able to diagnose that my A/C Compressor had seized up as well as there was damage to my belt. Sadly this was a relatively expensive fix, especially on a late model car but Sheri was fantastic and was able to find the part for cheapest possible and get it rushed to the garage, shipping out that same day. I had gotten a few other quotes from nearby places and they were a) much more expensive (especially since they didn't look for a cheaper compressor to buy; and b) were less accommodating and friendly as Sheri was an absolute joy to work with. My car is currently sitting in the garage now and I am very pleased with how they were able to fit me into their schedule and treated me as a human being who was having a terrible Monday morning, instead of a cash cow that they could make the most money off of. They will definitely be my go-to auto repair shop in the future.

Chevy Tahoe Shocks

Auto Repair Shop
5 5 1
I took my 2007 Chevy Tahoe LTZ in because the rear air ride shocks were not holding any air in their bags. Now I thought I did my homework on the Internet looking for these shocks which range from 550.00 to 800.00 each. Well I called Ron, the owner of Last Chance Auto Repair, and told him about a few that I researched and I needed mine replaced, he immediately advised me that I should go with an AC Delco brand and he needed to see my truck to determine which model to order. He advised that he had tried them all before realizing that this Air Ride should was of the best quality and they fit and work. To make a long story short he found the right shocks and also found a bad front barring, I knew I heard a weird noise when driving over 45 mph. Ron called and told me he would change it with a quality one. I picked my truck up and the ride is solid. Now I will say this to all those woman who are afraid of going to a auto garage without the help of a man, Ron is your man, he will take good care of you and will not hassle or rip you off. Men if you are looking for a quality service garage and want your vehicle checked out thoroughly, then I recommend that you go see Ron and lets not forget his son Corey, he's a great and friendly guy too. Forever on the road and keeping the petal to the metal, thanks to Last Change Auto Repair, your friend, Greg.......

Noisy Alternator

Auto Repair Shop
5 5 1
This place is awesome! Drove into to their shop a few hours ago with a grinding /crackling noise coming from my alternator. The car is 14 years old, so I was expecting the worse. Initially they diagnosed the problem as the alternator, but warned me that there possibly was a problem with the water-pump as well (my heart sank into my stomach); however, they assured me that they would concentrate on the alternator first. To my amazement and relief, they texted me 2 hours later stating that the car was ready for pick-up. Fantastic! They had replaced the alternator and the was noise was gone. The cost was exactly what the quoted and I learned that all their work comes with a 90 day guarantee, unbelievable! My car runs great and from now on Last Chance is my First Option for any future auto repairs or service.
Automotive Repair Plainfield, IL Overall rating: ★★★★★ 5 based on 60 reviews
5 1


Years Of Auto Service History You Can Count On

Plainfield Auto Repair Automotive Repair Plainfield, Illinois Plainfield Car Repair

Last Chance Auto Repair is a family owned & operated Plainfield automotive repair service shop started by Ron in 1978 out of his garage. Ron ran a Hendrickson Trucks suspension research lab and also worked as a Dodge Trucks service manager. Corry a Universal Technical Institute (U.T.I.) graduate. Trained in domestic & foreign auto, diesel, electrical, technology. Including Mercedes Benz, BMW, GM, Ford, Daimler-Chrysler. A Tellabs electronic technician. Arrow Trucks A.S.E. trained diesel mechanic. Mix them together and what do you got? Last Chance Auto Repair of Plainfield, IL!

The combined knowledge equals an engine, transmission, suspension, brake expert to say the least, but they offer auto service from A-Z, including towing 24-7. Beating most local quotes & estimates by 10% or more. Their about making you happy, not taking your money, all while doing what they love to do. A.S.E. trained mechanics you can trust & afford. Member Of ABC, BBB, insured & bonded. Autozone, Napa, Carquest, Advance Auto, commercial accounts. Do you have any questions? Want to schedule an appointment? The team at Last Chance Auto Repair is always there for you. Give the team a call now, later, 24-7. Ask for Ron, Sheri, Corry & or Team!

Established In 1978 | Find us on Google+

Last Chance Auto Repair For Cars Trucks has over 200+ years of total automotive business, knowledge, know how & services under our belts. We strive to make sure our auto mechanics are highly trained, certified, and truly top notch. We all have many years of hard work, training, auto customizing, auto service and schooling to offer you.

We have serviced many vehicles, domestic & foreign from A-Z, we keep our customer’s satisfied by making sure of your happiness so we can do business again. Our team also offers many years of automotive machine shop, racing (street & track), tuning plus engine building experience to help back any additional horsepower you may need and or for fuel your looking to conserve. We take pride in our workmanship, quality, customer service & kindness.

We always offer free local shuttle service, 24-7 towing & roadside assistance services for your added convenience. High quality work, reasonable prices, quality auto repair you can trust plus afford equals Plainfield’s Last Chance Auto Repair. Do you have any questions? Were giving away answers for free, give our team a call today.

Whatever we need to do to gain a friend, customer, plus your return business, will do it. Providing you with professional and quality auto repair services with family prices included is one of our tricks of the trade. For professional auto repair, maintenance, and service, we’re here for you. Interested in scheduling an appointment for an auto repair or service? Give us a call day or night, rain or shine, sleet or snow. Last Chance Auto Repair is here for you.

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Auto Repair Shop Plainfield, ILLooking for an auto repair shop you can trust plus afford Plainfield, Naperville, Bolingbrook, Romeoville, IL, or any surrounding suburbs? Don’t worry we have you covered but now your going to have to find us. We are located directly across the street from the Plainfield East High School, down the block from the Bolingbrook Golf Club and also down the block from the Naperville Polo Club/Soccer Field.

We have people that come from all over Chicagoland and sometimes even from out of state for our knowledge and expertise. We hear it’s hard to find an auto repair shop you can trust plus afford. Regardless we have you and all your automotive service needs covered A-Z. How can we help you? Call now, later, 24-7!