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Why Get Your Timing Belt Replaced At Last Chance Auto Repair?

Does your vehicle have a timing belt? Is your timing belt due to be changed and or overdue to be replaced? Have you checked your timing belt lately?

Timing Belt Replacement Near MeA timing belt replacement service is considered preventative maintenance. Hence if done as preventive maintenance will help prevent a costly repair that could have been avoided. A timing belt replacement service is a more costly preventative maintenance service, which is why many drivers tend to put off having it replaced.

The timing belt is actually one of the most critical components of your vehicle’s engine. Most vehicles have what they call interference engines. When an interference engine has a timing belt problem “typically due to lack of maintenance” it can potentially destroy an engine. The timing belt controls your engine’s camshafts which open and close the valves as needed. The timing belt delivers power to the vehicle’s cooling system by turning the water pump and in some cases also the power steering, alternator, and other vital components, making it an essential part of the vehicles powertrain.

Because of this, when you experience any of the following telltale signs that your timing belt may and or needs to be replaced, bring it to the trusted local Plainfield, Naperville, Bolingbrook, Romeoville timing belt experts over at Last Chance Auto Repair for servicing ASAP before your preventative maintenance service turns into a costly engine repair!

The telltale signs that your timing belt needs some attention include: Strange noise coming from under the hood, Visible wear and tear on the timing belt, Misaligned timing belt which can include excessive heat, noise, and vibration. When is the last time you changed your timing belt? Are you due for a timing belt replacement service?

Timing Belt Replacement Service Honda Timing Belt Replacement Service Plainfield, IL Timing Belt Service

Typically and unfortunately, in most cases, there are no clear as day signs that the timing belt is about to expire, it just breaks. That is why most shops including our Plainfield auto repair shop highly recommends replacing it every 60,000 to 100,000 miles regardless. Modern day timing belts are made of materials that resist chemical degradation caused by coolant, oil, and other engine fluids, but even these highly engineered belts don’t last forever.

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