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Pothole Special In Plainfield Illinois At Last Chance Auto Repair

Did you hit a pothole now you have a suspension issue and or some kind of mechanical problem? Suspension plus mechanical repairs can add up after hitting a pothole. Hence if you spend over $1000 at Last Chance Auto Repair on your pothole related repair will give you 50% off on your alignment. Call our team today, save tomorrow, phones ring 24-7.

Potholes Giving Your Vehicle Problems Around Plainfield, IL

Potholes can cause all kinds of problems to your car. Espically your vehicle’s suspension plus steering systems. Visit Last Chance Auto Repair in Plainfield for all of your auto repair needs including pothole damaged suspension plus steering systems.

Were now offering a pothole special so to say. When your vehcicle is damaged by a pothole sometimes the bills add up, just about as fast as you use to drive in some cases. So when you spend $1000 or more will give you 50% off your alignment service. Most vehicles apply, call to see if your vehicle is covered under our pothole special. If that wasn’t enough we even have a low cost damaged by a pothole repair service guarantee.

Vehicle Problems Caused By Potholes

• If your vehicle hits a pothole in the road do you know the problems that may occour?

• If your lucky maybe it’s just a tire puncture. A little worse than that maybe you bent or even broke your rim, if your lucky enough where your rim is still on your vehicle.

• Premature wear on shocks and struts if not bent or broke and in need of replacement.

• Suspension damage may include components such as ball joints, tie rods, bearings, etc.

• Steering system issues may call for just a basic alignment to an alignment with shims plus adjusters. Sometimes your rack and pinion will start leaking and then needs to be replaced if it didn’t break in pieces making you need a towing service.

• Sometimes if bad enough you may even have a-arm also known as control arm damage or maybe even costly frame damage. Which frame damage is about as bad as it gets before you start getting into bodywork plus the worse case senario totaling your vehicle.

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