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Need To Be Towed To A Repair Shop?

We’re the best of both worlds hence we tow vehicles to our automotive repair shop on a daily basis. Need a towing service? Need an auto repair shop? Call our team now, later, 24-7, we have you and all your auto service needs covered A-Z.

Towing Plainfield, Naperville, IL, 24-7


Last Chance Auto Repair offers auto repair & towing for cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles plus much more in Plainfield, Naperville, Bolingbrook, Romeoville, IL, plus all nearby suburbs.

Our auto repair shop is the local area’s #1 source for expert auto repair and maintenance services that you can trust plus afford. So it’s no wonder why when people need a tow we’re the pro that they call 1st. There is no 2nd place in our industry, we’ll unless we’re to bust saving the day.



Do I Need To Be Towed To An Auto Repair Shop?

Are you having car problems? Should I call a towing service, should I have someone come repair it at my location, or should I drive it to a local auto repair shop near me? Sometimes it is a very difficult choice to choose, decisions, decisions. What will it be? Maybe our helpful tips that just so happen to be in order from best (cheapest) case to worst (more expensive) case will help you decide what to do if this situation may arise.

Do you have a flat tire? A very common and maybe even the most common car problem out there that we see is a flat tire. Flat tires occur for many reasons hence nails, screws, potholes, curbs, angry ex’s, etc. Do you think you should try and change it on the side of the road, call for someone to put your spare on, or have the car towed to a repair shop? Typically the safest option which would be the best option is to have the car towed. Second place goes to having the tire repaired or the wheel changed by means of a mobile service, towing company, auto repair shop or some kind of motoring organization.

For safety reasons if you haven’t changed a tire (put a spare tire on) before don’t do it. Thinking you can make it to an auto repair shop? Maybe you have run flat tires maybe not? If maybe not this can end up costing you an additional $300-800 for the rim you damaged. When and if a flat does occur only drive it as far as it takes to get somewhere safe, the side of the road, gas station, weigh station, the right side is always safer than the left side, etc.

Are you having battery problems? The 2nd most common car problem that we see is when the car battery discharges (dead), magically or not. Batteries discharge for a few reasons including age, things being left on, lack of maintenance, etc. Leave the door open hence lights on? We have you covered with our jump start service. If your battery has died due to age, yeah you can have it towed to a repair shop to have it replaced or typically it’s more cost effective and much more convenient to use a mobile battery replacement service like the one we offer. But there are still other reasons why batteries discharge. So if you are still wondering why your battery discharged it may be a good idea to just have it towed.

Did your vehicle stall? If your car is stalling, running bad enough to potentially stall, if you would stall if you weren’t keeping your foot on the gas pedal, then it’s better safe than sorry to have your car towed. What causes a cat to stall out? If the fuel pump isn’t delivering enough fuel to the engine, if the air/fuel mixture is too lean (vacuum leak, faulty oxygen or mass airflow sensors, if the timing is off), the engine will not produce enough combustion that equals the power that keeps everything moving and will cause your vehicle to stall.

Are your warning lights trying to tell you something? If your check engine light comes on and stays on (not flashing) then you can drive your car but if it is flashing you need to stop driving and have your car towed to prevent any costly damage. Is your oil light on? No oil pressure equals kiss your engine good bye aka you can damage your engine catastrophically. Is your coolant temperature light on? Do you know what a cooked engine says? NOTHING! Wondering what to do, call team Last Chance Auto Repair and get some money saving advice that can help prevent a big hole in your pocket.

Is there smoke coming from your car? Do you smell oil burning? Are you noticing a bluish smoke coming from your car? It’s a definite sign of an oil leak seeping onto the engine, exhaust, etc. A lack of oil can destroy your engine hence you shouldn’t drive the car anymore than you have to. If it’s bad enough you should get it towed. Do you see a white smoke, vapor or mist coming from the hood area that includes the smell of gas? Pull over as quickly and safely as possible, turn off your engine and get away from your vehicle. This can turn into a dangerous situation quickly and it would be best to call 911 to play it safe.

Did your vehicle just make a loud noise? Did you just hear a loud noise and not quite sure what it was? It’s best to pull over, check it out and see what’s going on. Sometimes things fall (break) off, you may have rolled something over, or it can be one of many other more serious issues. If you can’t figure out, see or smell what the problem is, it’s best to call a towing service near you for help and have your car towed to play it safe. Better safe than sorry, better a small cheap and easy to fix problem than turning into a large costly to fix problem, better to call the local auto experts over at our auto repair shop in Plainfield, IL.

Are you having a drivability or handling problem? Were you driving than suddenly BAM your car becomes difficult to steer, it starts wobbling & shaking, or begins pulling in one direction? Pull over right away and figure out what is going on. It could be something small like a flat tire, a loose wheel, or even something like the change in the road surface. But it can also be a sign of something that can turn quite dangerous like your wheel is about to come off, your ball joint or steering linkage is about to break, one of your springs broke which can puncture your tire, etc. The important thing is that you want to make sure you know what is going on before continuing to drive the car. Lives are not worth risking, period.

Are you from the Plainfield, Naperville, Bolingbrook, Romeoville, Chicagoland Illinois area? Will take a quick look at your vehicle free of charge. We’re also more than happy to offer you a free estimate. How can we help you? Need a tow, we’re your pro!

Guaranteed Low Price Towing When Towed To Our Auto Repair Shop In The Plainfield, Naperville, Bolingbrook Area

We want you to be happy plain and simple. A happy customer will remember us next time and or will recommend us to others that are in need. Guaranteeing a low cost towing service “with no hidden fee’s”, giving a discount on our already low cost towing, offering a free local shuttle, discounted rental vehicles and when our shop will look at the vehicle for free of charge typically transforms our new customers into long term customers.

Why do people call us 1st you wonder? For starters we are very convenient, as in we service & tow, all makes & models, aka do it all. We specialize in full-service mechanical repair, fleet servicing, auto repair, oil changes, tires, transmissions, engines, differentials, suspensions, tires, brakes, towing in Plainfield plus a whole lot more.

From auto repair to towing, there is nothing that our knowledgeable mechanics, highly trained drivers and superior customer service team cannot handle. To get the quickest plus most convenient auto repair & towing services around, your best chance, is to call Plainfield’s one and only Last Chance Auto Repair at (815)577-0327 now, later, 24-7.

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