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Valve Jobs Plainfield, Naperville, Bolingbrook, Lisle, Illinois

When it comes to valve jobs, it’s precision specifications that make a huge difference in performance. When performance is what you seek every degree, every angle plus every bit of raw material has to be taken into consideration to come up with that extra horsepower, performance, speed that you require. When it come to valve jobs there’s a right way, a wrong way and an ever popular half way there way. But what’s right for one valve job application may be wrong for another. There are many variables when it come to precision valve jobs.

Basic Valve Jobs

• Valve refacing

• Valve spring inspection

• All Guides checked for wear

• Valve seats either cut or ground

• Always use new valve guide seals

• Spring retainers and keepers inspected

• Valve height inspection plus adjustment

All engines use valves to control airflow for both the intake and exhaust systems. Performance engine building shops know that proper angling employed to a valve job can have a substantial effect on airflow. Any performance enthusiast should understand that airflow is key to making horsepower. Increase airflow equals more power.

Performance Valve Jobs

•  Optimized air flow

•  3 to 5 angle valve jobs

•  Competition style valve job

Re-configure valve seat width

•  Re-positioning exhaust valve seat

•  More angles less transitions for air to traverse

4 Responses to “Valve Jobs Plainfield, Naperville, Bolingbrook, Lisle, Illinois”

  1. Fitim Kelmendi:

    Where can we get pricing information?


      We can be reached at (815)577-0327 seven days a week. Or if need be you can e-mail or contact us directly through our website. For one what kind of heads are you working with? Two tell me about your valve job needs, intentions, goals. We need all your numbers + specs. I’d suggest calling in case there is any questions.

  2. Scott Peters:

    How much for a valve job on a 2002 Honda accord EX 4 cylinder? Do you do everything? Like take the values out of my car then machine them and reinstall values back in my car…..



      Hello from ,

      Of course, we do it all! How exactly can we help you? Hence do you want us to R&R (remove & replace) the cylinder head or are you just going to bring us the cylinder head? Are you looking for a performance cylinder head rebuild service or just a bare bone stock kind of rebuild? Whatever you need we have you covered.

      Your probably better off e-mailing us directly at for a faster response or give us a call directly at (815)577-0327 anytime.

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