Transmission Warranties


Transmission Rebuild Service Warranties

Transmission Rebuild Warranty Plainfield, Naperville, Bolingbrook, IL


NOTE: Our warranty applies to the installing dealer and or to the original owner of the vehicle in which the rebuilt transmission was installed. Our warranty is non-transferable unless otherwise stated.


From our 12/12 parts and labor warranty to our 24/24 parts and labor warranty. We have your transmission rebuild service needs covered from A-Z with a great, quality, best in the transmission industry warranty included. We’re always here for you.

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(1) This warranty covers parts, labor and cost of replacing the transmission fluid only. This warranty is only extended to the customer named on the warranty. It does not cover such things as towing, loss of use, loss of earnings, personal damages, per diem expenses, or any other consequential or incidental damages. Warrantor’s obligation under this warranty is limited to replacing or repairing defective parts and correcting defectively furnished labor. Repair or replacement during the warranty period does not extend the life of the warranty.

(2) The work performed can many times fail, due to no fault of the warrantor. Parts related to, but not part of the transmission, can fail after the transmission job is completed, thereby adversely affecting the transmission, torque converter or seals. Under these circumstances, the warranty is not valid. In no way can the warrantor predict these events, and therefore is not responsible for them. A partial list of related parts is set forth in the next paragraph.

(3) The warrantor is responsible only for the parts and labor purchased by the customer on the invoice that prompt the issuance of this warranty, and not for subsequent failures of, or damage resulting from related parts or units as shown in the following: these items consisting of, but not limited to: a. levers; b. controls; c. linkage; d. radiator; e. coolers; f. rubber mounts; g. external oil lines; h. electrical / electronic components external to the transmission. The foregoing and other parts are not normally included in or with a transmission repair job.

(4) This warranty will not be valid if the vehicle has been used for towing purposes unless a proper transmission cooler has been installed on the vehicle and the vehicle is rated for towing purposes, nor will it be valid if the transmission assembly has been tampered with outside a qualified repair shop; or if it has been improperly installed by other than the shop of the warrantor; or if factory approved fluid has not been used in the assembly; or if it has been abused, or damaged in an accident and or collision.


(1) Have the transmission checked within 400 mile from the date of delivery for oil levels, leaks and shift pattern. The warrantor shop will do this for you without charge.

(2) Check fluid level in the transmission every time you check the motor oil, for the first 60 days.

(3) Change fluid, clean pan, replace filter in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations as listed in you owner’s manual.

(4) Retain your service receipts and invoices as proof of proper maintenance.


(1) Always take the vehicle back to the original warrantor whenever possible. This must be done at your own expense; the warrantor shop is not responsible for towing, shipping or any other expense that might be incurred in transporting the vehicle to the warrantor shop.


(1) The warranty terms herein apply to both written and implied transmission rebuild warranties.

Transmission Rebuild Service Warranties

Offered At Last Chance Auto Repair

At Last Chance Auto Repair we include some of the best warranties in the transmission industry with every transmission rebuild service. Hence to help insure your peace of mind that your transmission has been rebuilt to the highest quality standards.

Our team has you and all your transmission needs covered for domestic & foreign vehicles A-Z. Do you have any questions? Do you want some more information pertaining to our transmission rebuild service warranties? Call our team now, we’re always here for you!