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Tips For Buying A Used Car

Are you looking for a used car? Do you need to buy your kid their first car? Buying a used car is a lot more complicated than buying a new one. How do you know if it is worth buying?

Here is a quick breakdown of tips for buying a used vehicle. Make sure to ask the proper questions, you don’t want to get stuck with a lemon. Stop by for an inspection.

• Look For Rust
• Look For Leaks
• Listen For Noises
• Any Engine Problems
• Get Vehicle Inspected
• Is Your Engine Burning Oil
• Buy Single Owner Vehicles
• Inspect Maintenance Records
• Give Us A Call If You Have Any Questions

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Truck, RV & Motorhome Inspections

Are looking for an auto repair shop that offers a comprehensive used car & light truck pre-purchase vehicle inspection service? Our team offers full body, interior, options, test drive, frame, full mechanical plus electrical inspection services for just about any vehicle.

Need a used vehicle inspection service in Plainfield, Naperville, Bolingbrook, IL?

Here is a few tips that may be of use on your decision of bringing a new used vehicle home. Buy single owner cars, Inspect maintenance records, Look for leaks, Listen for strange noises, Look for hiding rust, Check for engine problems, Is the engine burning oil, etc. Better safe than sorry get a vehicle inspection service. If they won’t allow you to bring the vehicle to a local repair shop for a pre purchase inspection ask why, be careful! Team Last Chance Auto Repair in Plainfield, IL is here for all of your motor vehicle pre-purchase inspection service needs.

What Is The Vehicle’s Real Mileage?

One of the biggest worries about a high-mileage vehicle is the odometer rollback. This is where the seller rolls back the odometer of the car indicating a lower mileage.

You can quickly judge a car’s life by looking at its odometer, but, there are a number of other things to look for when buying a second hand vehicle, especially one with high mileage. So what all this means is don’t shy away from used autos with high miles. Used vehicles can save one thousands upon thousands of dollars in the long run, if the money is invested in the proper vehicle. Cars these days are far more reliable than older cars used to be back in the day and can run for 200,00+ miles. Need help making your engine last? Call today.

Is The Engine Burning Oil?

It’s really nice to know before you buy a vehicle if the engine is burning oil. It’s not uncommon for vehicles to burn oil but still run well. Is your oil level low between oil changes?

As engines wear, oil makes an escape. A little oil added now and then is nothing to worry over, but adding a quart or more between oil changes, you may have an oil consuption problem. Now sometimes burning oil problems are fixable without a costly engine rebuild. Burning oil thanks to worn piston rings where in some cases can be cleaned with a special carbon cleaning service. Your engine could also be leaking oil thanks to a bad gasket or cracked part. Or one of your worst case most expensive scenario’s you could be losing oil through a head gasket into the cooling system. Regardless you need to know before you buy.

Does It Have A Worn Interior?

A car’s interior can also tell quite a bit about its age. Wear and tear on the seats can expose potential odometer rollback, vehicle abuse, so pay attention to the condition of the car’s interior. Look for rust marks on the carpet. Look around pretend your a detective. Look for water stain’s which could be due to flooding. Which is a major used car killer.

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