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Time To Change Your Engine Oil? Call Last Chance Auto Repair.

Have you changed your engine oil lately? Today were going to talk about how to save you from getting a headache and or unnecessary mechanical repair service due to not changing your oil in a timely proper manor. Let’s breakdown oil change intervals.

Oil Change Service Plainfield, IL• When is the last time you changed your oil?

• Do you know how long your engine oil lasts?

• Remember what type of oil your vehicle uses?

• Does your vehicles engine burn or leak oil?

• Is it time to change your engine oil?

Oil Change Service In Plainfield, IL, At Last Chance

The old saying to change your oil every three months or three thousand miles, whichever comes first once applied to every vehicle in, around, near Plainfield, IL, or anywhere as a matter of fact. But these days it depends on the application at hand. Different applications require different types of oil plus different oil change requirements all together. Do you know what your vehicles engine is working with, oil change service interval wise?

So regardless if your in Plainfield, IL, Bolingbrook, Naperville, any surrounding suburbs or anywhere driving a vehicle you need to know when to change your oil. Hence what type of oil, your oil change interval, plus who to bring it to. Some places out there use cheap oil and cheap oil doesn’t last like quality conventional oil. Also some places like to use recycled oil. In the long run you get what you pay for, plain and simple. Without asking questions your never going to learn anything.

Synthetic Oil, Synthetic Blend, High Mileage Oil, Conventional Oil

Not all engine oil was created equal. Do you know what type of oil your vehicle prefers? If your not sure stop by Plainfield auto repair shop Last Chance Auto Repair for a free lesson in engine oil. Not around Plainfield, IL? Give your local dealer and or parts store a jingle they’ll let you know all the specifications. Synthetic oil, synthetic blend, high mileage oil, conventional oil, decisions decisions. Where to start? What type of oil to use? Questions?

Oil change intervals vary depending on several determining factors. Mileage and time can all be considered a given when to change your oil. But also the way you drive, where you drive, your environment, hence these factors can all be included under driving conditions. Which these can all be determining factors of how long your oil will last. If you take care of your vehicles engine (by changing your oil) your engine will take care of you in the long run.

So How Long Does Engine Oil Last?

Oil chemistry plus engine technology has evolved tremendously over the years. Through our many years of service we’ve heard oil lasting anywhere from 3,000-15,000 miles. There are many variables to take into consideration that reflect on the time to change your engine oil. What type and or brand of oil does the manufacture recommend? What kind of vehicle do you own? Where do you live? What is your climate all about? How do you drive your vehicle? These are questions you should ask yourself before you determine what kind of oil to use and how often to change it.

Change Your Oil At Last Chance Auto Repair Plainfield, ILOne of your most effective and inexpensive choices to help protect the future of your vehicle (investment), especially your engine, is to change your oil and oil filter on regular basis. Do you know which oil you should use in your vehicle and or when to change it? The easiest way to find out is to check your owner’s manual, call a dealer and ask for the service department or talk to one of the mechanics over at Plainfield Last Chance Auto Repair.

Consequences Of Not Changing Your Oil Properly

Failing to change your engine oil will result is faster engine wear and tear plus engine seizure in extreme circumstances. There is also an added risk of failing to notice oil leaks, resulting is extremely low levels of oil in the engine which equals once again faster engine wear plus possible engine seizure. Make your vehicle, engine (investment) last, keep up on your oil change services plain and simple. You break it, we fix it. But why? Maintain it.

Are you wondering what the consequences of not changing your oil properly looks like people of Plainfield, Naperville, Bolingbrook, IL, plus beyond? Don’t let it happen to you.

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