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Auto Repair Plainfield IL | Car Repair | Automotive Repair Shop

Automotive Repair Plainfield, IL Car Repair Plainfield, IL, Near Me Auto Repair In Plainfield, IL, Near Me Auto Repair Shops Plainfield, IL

Plainfield Auto Repair Shop In Plainfield IL 60585

Last Chance Auto Repair has been serving Plainfield customers, friends, plus family since 1978 for a reason. People choose this auto repair shop in Plainfield because they want someone they can trust, afford, plus always count on. Trying to decide where to bring your car, van, suv, auto, truck, vehicle for a repair or service in, near, around Plainfield, IL, just not sure where to take it? Why is Last Chance Auto Repair in Plainfield your #1 choice?

Family owned, priced right, no corporate mouths to feed kind of Plainfield auto repair shop.

Servicing all makes & models hence you break it we’ll fix it, domestic & foreign A-Z.

Serving Plainfield Illinois, all nearby suburbs, Chicagoland, & beyond since 1978.

Automotive Repair Shop In Plainfield, IL, Near Me

Want to learn more about Last Chance Auto Repair? Did you know that Last Chance provides A+ quality auto repair & service, superior customer service, all with a local competitor low cost & quality guarantee included? Did you know that this Plainfield, IL, auto repair shop is family owned & operated? Have you heard about their over 200 years of combined experience, knowledge plus service history? Maybe you have some questions?

Interview Q&A
Question: How long have you been servicing Plainfield, IL?
Answer: We’ve been offering our auto repair services to Plainfield plus all nearby suburbs since 1978 and are looking forward to many more years to come.
Question: What is your primary product or service?
Answer: Our team offers car, van, suv, auto, truck, classic, vehicle repair & service A-Z. Specializing in repair, rebuild, diagnostic, maintenance, services. Nearly famous for our brake, engine, transmission, suspension, & timing belt services. If you are having a problem with your vehicle, due for service, or in need of a repair, we have you covered. We even offer towing & roadside assistance 24-7!
Question: How did you first become interested in starting an automotive repair & service business? What is your background? How did everything start?
Answer: (Ron) I grew up wrenching out of my family’s garage with my friends and racing on the streets of Chicago. I must have been born with oil running through my veins. Once I jumped into the automotive industry there was no looking back, my passion grew day after day and transformed me into what I am today.

From the garage and racing on Chicago streets I went over to Dodge Trucks, eventually got promoted to service manager, our shop won many service excellence awards, and I was proud of what I became. From Dodge Trucks to Hendrickson Trucks I went, where I ran a lab, and my passion continued to grow.

(Corry) I grew up turning wrenches with my father out of the family garage, learning from the best, this is where the fire started to burn. Went to Universal Technical Institute (UTI) trained in Domestic, Foreign, Asian, European, electronic plus diesel technologies. Worked at Tellabs as an electrical technician went over to Arrow Trucks where the passion continued to grow.

Started out as side work in the family garage. Since we’re nice, we treat people like we want to be treated, business just started growing. Then boom, took off, got a shop, and have been turning wrenches ever since so to say.

Question: What makes your Plainfield, Illinois community great?
Answer: (Corry) I remember Plainfield when I was a kid, it looked like a sea of corn. It has grown quite a bit since and has now matured to the beautiful town it is today. Mostly Will county but part of Plainfield also resides in Kendall County.

Bikers enjoy many trails around the lakes, rivers, and forest areas. Fishing can be enjoyed at many stocked lakes around Plainfield including Turtle Lake, Renwick Lake, Walloon Lake plus many others. There is a great car show every Tuesday downtown Plainfield when weather permits. Some say Plainfield is where the Sundae Ice Cream was created. In 1921 it became part of a famous transnational highway called the Lincoln highway. Friendly place, friendly people.

Plainfield Car Repair Shop In Plainfield, IL, 60585

Auto Repair Plainfield, IL Car Repair Shop In Plainfield, IL

Question: How do you differentiate your Plainfield automotive repair shop from other Plainfield automotive repair businesses that are within your local area?
Answer: We’re a family owned, operated, w/no corporate mouths to feed kind auto repair shop. We’ve won numerous awards for being Plainfield’s #1 choice dealership alternative auto repair shop. Our superior customer service and knowledgeable mechanics equals an auto repair shop you can trust & afford.

We go above and beyond, will even accept, and beat local written repair or service estimates (will show you where will save you money) by 10% or more with no coupon. Established in 1978, we offer over 200 years of combined business, knowledge, know how & service excellence w/every service. We stride in having top notch, certified, highly trained automotive mechanics all while charging you only a fraction of what other local auto repair shops may charge.

Question: Do you have any quotes or slogans that you’d want to share with us?
Answer: Yes, we actually do. “You brake it, we’ll fix it”, was one of the first ones. Over time it changed to “You break it, we’ll fix it, A-Z”. Then it changed to “You break it, we’ll fix it, domestic & foreign A-Z”. We are also known for “Family owned, priced right”. The one that is on our business card “Quality you can trust & afford” is right on the money or should I say hits the nail right on the head.
Question: Provide us with some detailed directions to your auto repair shop.
Answer: Were in between 119th & 127th street off of Naperville-Plainfield Rd. Directly on the Plainfield, Naperville, Bolingbrook border. Next door to WillCo Green’s strictly clean landfill & recycling facility. Across the street from the Plainfield East High School. Down the block from the Naperville Polo Club & Bolingbrook Golf Club. Find us at 12052 S Naperville-Plainfield Rd in Plainfield IL, 60585.
Question: What type of payments do you accept at your auto repair shop?
Answer: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Debit Cards, Cash, Checks, Barter
Question: Which areas do you service in Plainfield, IL?
Answer: We serve all of Plainfield (60585, 60544, 60586) from one side to the other plus all surrounding suburbs plus beyond. As the premier local dealership alternative automotive repair shop that specializes on a lot of different things, some people even come from great distances. Being in business since 1978 we’ve heard many stories about how hard it is to find an automotive repair shop that you can trust & afford. Which frankly is one of our secrets to success and specialties.
Question: Who owns your company and or runs daily operations?
Answer: Family owned plus operated. Ron, Corry & Team.
Question: What are your hours of operation?
Answer: Mon-Fri 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM, Sat 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM, Sun 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM – 24/7 towing, roadside assistance, lockouts, unlocks, jump starts, tire changes, gas, diesel, air delivery, mobile battery replacement services.

Best Auto Repair Shop In Plainfield, IL

Simply The Best

Auto Repair Shop
5 5 1
These guys are simply the best in the Midwest. Probably even farther, but I do not go that far to get my car repaired. Now having said that, Ron and the gang are as honest as it is going to get. Sometimes a little too honest. But at least you know the truth. I have brought three different vehicles to Ron in the last 18 months. In all 3 cases, he fixed the cars as quick as possible, and was highly fair in cost. Interestingly, the first one, a Ford Explorer, was deemed unrepairable by both the Ford dealer mechanic and another repair shop. So we found Last Chance since it was literally our Last Chance. That, and the fact we passed it everyday on the way home. You know what they say- Location, Location, Location! Well, we brought it into Ron, and after a very long conversation about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness, Ron got his guys to work and they pinpointed the problem and fixed it in one day's time. It was seriously impressive, and surprisingly cheap (Ron- if you read this do not raise prices). Best of all, it was fixed. Well then there was the BMW. That was a nightmare scenario that Ron and his guys were able to fix up for us and get it back on the road again. Word to the wise- avoid at all costs any BMW dealers located in Naperville. Whatever you do, no matter if your name is Bill, or your name is Jacob, avoid it. Well we just got to visit Spa Ron for a third time with the Escape. Problem diagnosed, repaired, and returned in less than 1 day. He always makes time, not only for us, but for every customer. I cannot figure out how they do it, but I do see the garage opened after 7PM on the way home from baseball practice with my son a lot. So maybe they throw time at it. Whatever it is, they do a fantastic job at fixing problems and getting customers moving again. Thanks Ron and team for all that you have done, and all that you have yet to do for our family's cars. One last note: You MUST take the time to meet with Sherry. Or is it Sheri. Or is it Sherri. Or perhaps it French, Cherie. Like Mon Cherie. Whatever- she is too cool for school. Without Sheri, or Sherry, or etc... Last Chance might be Lost Chance. Just kidding! She is the beautiful face of the franchise, and her pleasant and friendly smile greets you when you stop in. Be sure to chat with her- she is a rib tickler.

Family owned!

Auto Repair Shop
5 5 1
Family owned priced right kind of auto repair shop in Plainfield, IL. When my Lexus needs anything I count on Last Chance Auto Repair. Excellent service & superior customer service. My #1 choice auto repair shop. Give them a call and then they will soon be your #1 choice auto repair shop to!

Such nice people

Auto Repair Shop
5 5 1
My front brakes needed to be replaced. I went to another dealership "repair shop" and they were being around the bush with some parts that needed to be replaced and gave me a shady price. I called Last Chance Auto Repair they were willing to look for the parts I needed and were more than happy to install them for me. While they were working on it they were nice enough to give me a ride home until they were done. Such great service and nice people!

Heat Not Working

Auto Repair Shop
5 5 1
The heat in our 2006 Nissan Pathfinder was not working and it needed the u-joints replaced, so we brought it to Last Chance Auto Repair on the recommendation of a friend. Let's face it, no matter kind of high praise I may hear about a mechanic, I will always approach my first visit with a sense of dread and skepticism. I don't know THAT much about cars and I'm not made of money, so it is going to take quite a bit to gain my trust. This being said, I am pleased to report that my LCAR experience was every bit as good as my friend said it would be! What really stood out was the superior customer service. Sherri was pleasant and efficient in taking down my information and concerns about the car, and made sure I knew up front what their labor rate was (they even have a sign hung up stating this information). I hadn't previously experienced this kind of transparency with an auto repair shop, and it was much appreciated. She told me they would get back to me promptly with a diagnosis, and not start working on the vehicle without my consent. A few hours later I received a call from Ron and he confirmed what I already knew about the need for a u-joint replacement. With regards to the heater, he told me that the problem could be remedied by removing the core and soaking it in radiator flush. This was a pleasant surprise as the dealer had said the heater core would need to be replaced. Ron stated that the soaking procedure was not something most places would do and I believe him. When it came time to pick up and pay the next evening I dealt with Corry, Ron's son, as everyone else left early to attend some continuing education classes. Corry continued the top notch customer service in taking the time to educate me on exactly how my final billing amount was determined. He expressed a genuine concern in making sure I felt the price was fair and my overall experience satisfactory, which it was! I am very happy to have found a reliable mechanic, and will certainly be returning for next maintenance or repair job.

Great Experience

Auto Repair Shop
5 5 1
I had a great experience with Last Chance Auto Repair. I have never needed a real auto shop until now. Up until now, my dad was my mechanic, since I drove newer cars that didn't need more than regular maintenance. I didn't even know the first thing about calling a tow truck. Who do I call? Where do they take my car? My husband's car wouldn't start on a Tuesday morning. After replacing the battery, the car still would not start. On Wednesday morning, I called Last Chance, who has their own towing service. By Wednesday afternoon, tow truck driver Zach had picked up the car. By Thursday afternoon, I spoke with Sheri who quoted me exactly what the problem was and the price. She followed up with a second phone call to tell me that, in order to replace the starter, they had to remove and replace something to get to the starter. The heads up was much appreciated; I like that I can trust this place to contact me before ringing up a bill in my name. I didn't hear from anyone all day Friday, so I called on Saturday afternoon to investigate. I spoke with Ron, whom I spoke to during several other phone calls, but I could tell by his tone that he was definitely distracted and busy. There's a reason he works with cars and not people. Don't let his dry humor or shortness deter you from getting your car fixed here. The car was ready to pick up on Saturday, so we drove over. The garage is tiny, and it seems that there aren't a ton of employees, so if you're ringing their phone off the hook, there probably isn't anyone there manning the phone. It was a little frustrating at times talking to Ron, he always sounded surprised ("we have a Honda Accord here?"), but during most phone calls he was quite pleasant. Zach and Sheri were also very courteous and polite on the phone. When all was said and done, replacing the starter (including some gaskets and something else), plus the cost of the tow truck, minus the 10% off Yelp check-in deal, we spent around $450 - basically a car payment, which is by far better than being strapped with monthly payments.

Car Broke Down

Auto Repair Shop
5 5 1
My daughter's car broke down in Naperville on a Friday evening which was nowhere close to where we live or our mechanic. I used Yelp to find a local towing company with 24 hour service. Not being familiar with the area I asked if they could recommend a repair facility and they took it to Last Chance. I got a call from Sherri first thing Saturday and she told me that they were on vacation, but would call one of their mechanics to work on our car Monday. They were able to fix the car that day and took care of several other minor issues at the same time. On top of it all their rates were extremely reasonable. This is truly unbelievable service by a company willing to go above and beyond. I highly recommend them to anyone in the area.
Auto Repair Plainfield IL | Car Repair | Automotive Repair Shop Overall rating: ★★★★★ 5 based on 60 reviews
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Auto Repair In Plainfield, IL, At Last Chance Auto Repair

Last Chance Auto Repair Plainfield, IL, 60585 Plainfield Auto Repair

Does that answer all of your questions? If not give our team a jingle, we’re always here for you, hence our phones ring 24-7. Last Chance Auto Repair has grown over the years because we have worked hard providing valuable and excellent service throughout our community plus to all surrounding community’s. Our team has practiced very hard for many, many years to perfect our high quality service and our award winning customer service.

Please feel free to come by and talk to one of our friendly staff members (our team) today and will do our best to answer all of your questions, get your vehicle scheduled and serviced accordingly. You will be very glad that you did. We promise to get you back on the road as soon, safely, and as cost effective as possible!

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  1. Michael Campbell:

    I recently had my Audi RS6 chipped. While playing around with my cruise control at 45 mph (seeing whether 4th or 5th had the best mileage) the engine service light came on. The transmission had no issues prior to this and for obvious reasons took it easy until I got home. I have a diagnostic tool which indicated no codes and told me the MIL was off (it’s still lit). The chipping removes the speed limiter and the owners manual says a non-functioning speed limiter will get the light in. I figure it is a condition that cleared itself and needs a couple trips to clear, speed limiter disabled, or possibly even a transmission issue.

    The car is due to 65,000 mile service and it’s not a daily driver so I can bring it in any time. Can you guys do the 65,000 service, identify and clear the MIL? If the speed limiter needs to be turned back on I think the shop (Pugi Volkswagon) that chipped it can do that.

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