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Need An Auto Repair Shop That Will Install Your Parts

Are you looking for an auto repair shop that will install your parts around Plainfield, Naperville, Bolingbrook, IL? Look no further, Last Chance Auto Repair is here to your rescue.

Here’s how it works, at most other auto repair shops. Most repair facilities have two revenue streams including labor charges plus parts sales. Part of any repair shop’s profit comes from selling you parts. Most shops don’t allow consumers to bring there own parts, plain and simple. Warranty headaches, issues, plus problems, are what most shops are trying to avoid.

What happens if a consumer’s brought part fails? The possibilities include wrong parts, hence tying up valuable repair space while waiting for correct parts. At auto repair shops, time is money. What happens if the consumer’s part fails causing physical damage or personal injury? The consumer is going to want to sue (get something in return) when the installed parts fail regardless of the situation. A fear of being sued can be a real problem when searching for a local shop to use your parts. Hence an importance for a repair shop that will allow your parts to be used, to properly explain the situation so there is a clear understanding about the rules involved when your parts are to be used. Questions? Contact Last Chance Today!

What To Expect When Bringing Your Parts To A Repair Shop

Question – What happens when an owner provided part doesn’t work out?

Answer – Time is money in the auto repair world. So you better be quick about bringing the correct part. If your vehicle is in our shop taking up space, it has to go, unless were slow than it doesn’t matter. So worse comes to worse if we make 92.50 per hour, per vehicle stall, either we can charge you for it sitting there because of your mistake of getting the wrong part. Or we can order the parts with the quickness and get the job done, but then you’ll have to return your own incorrect part or parts. If your vehicle is tying up a shop from making money not just our shop but any shop it’s going to cause some kind of problem. The shop might not allow you to bring your own parts again for one. For two the shop might not except your work anymore. They lost money, they tried being fair, they won’t make the same mistake twice.

Question – What happens if the part you provide goes bad or has a problem?

Answer – The warranty (parts & labor) is all on you. Your part, your problem, to make a long story short, it’s all on you. The all mighty warranty, which is a very important aspect of the auto repair industry. Your part, your warranty, most of our commercial accounts won’t let us deal with your warrantied parts (parts you bought), it’s out of  our hands, period. Sometimes people don’t understand this warranty issue and we loose a customer, someone leaves unhappy, everyone ends up with a headache, a customer getting mad at us is hands down the worse case senario. That is why were writing this article. The point of this blog post is, yes will install or use your parts. But the warranty is all on you. We want to make sure of your happiness, regardless of the situation at hand our team at Last Chance Auto Repair is always here for you.

Downtime, waiting on your incorrect parts to be changed out, equals loss of shop productivity. Or to make it short and sweet, a loss of money. Who’s at fault? Who pay’s for the mistake? After reading all this if your going to supply your own parts, make sure there correct.

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  1. walter sivigny:

    need oxygen sensor installed on 1999 sienna



      Have you been to our shop before if not how did you find us and or who told you about us, so we can figure out what and how to charge you accordingly. Where are you from? Will need your vin number in order to make sure of a proper quote. Also if you can give us (me) your contact info (phone number), then I’ll have someone contact you to explain and go over your estimate plus options, to make sure of your happiness. Which oxygen sensor? All of your oxygen sensor’s? Do you have a part preference? Any other questions?

      Also if you get any other local estimates will make sure to work with you and the estimate to make sure of your happiness by typically beating them by 10% or more. Hence we have a local low-cost guarantee! Call our team today!

      Thanks for the interest in our company!
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