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Low Brake Fluid Can Cause Your Brake Light To Come On

Is your brake light on your dash blinding you to the point of wondering why it is on? Give Last Chance a call.

Your vehicle’s dashboard is filled with many different lights. But in this particular blog were going to breakdown your brake warning lights. So hopefully after reading this you’ll have a better idea of why your brake light is on.

Do You Know Why Your Brake Light Came On?

For starters if your brake warning light is on you should get it checked out ASAP. Brake problems are not something you want to put off. It could be a sign that your brakes are on the verge of failing. Stop by a brake service shop like Last Chance Auto Repair in Plainfield, IL. Will actually look at it for free of charge. Is your brake light on? Stop by, it’s not worth putting lives in danger.

Typically when a brake light is on it means your parking (emergency) brake is engaged. Easy enough, release your parking brake, boom good to go. But if your brake light stays on it’s time to brake out the shovel and dig a little deeper, so to say, or what not.

So after digging for a bit you may find the cause to your brake light might also be that your brake fluid is low. Easy fix, filler up, boom, light goes off. Typically most modern day vehicles have a brake fluid level senor located on your master cylinder which you can find under your hood. Easy fix yes, but why was your brake fluid low is an important question. Brake fluid doesn’t evaporate, it leaks. You don’t want to drive a vehicle that is leaking brake fluid. Take no chances call a tow truck.

Question: Are you leaking brake fluid? Do you know what to do?

Answer: Get it checked out ASAP! Leaking brake fluid is not only dangerous but it can contaminate your brake linings, causing them to slip or grab (hence dangerous). The uneven braking action that occours may cause your vehicle to veer from side to side when the brakes are applied. Brake shoes or pads that have been contaminated with brake fluid cannot be dried or cleaned, they must be replaced. Hence your bill is going to go up. Hence if you notice a brake leak the importance of getting the issue fixed as soon as possible.

Question: Are you noticing that your brake lines are leaking?

Answer: In the dictionary under dangerous one of the many definitions should say something about leaking brake lines. If not we just want to reiterate how dangerous leaky brake lines can be. So to make this blog short and sweet avoid driving your vehicle until the system can be inspected to determine what exactly is wrong. Leaks can occur in brake hoses, brake lines, disc brake calipers, drum brake wheel cylinders, or even your master cylinder.

In other cases, your brake warning light may remain on if the brake switch that is connected to your parking brake pedal misadjusted and or even broken. Nothing may be wrong with your brakes and a simple adjustment may fix the problem. But in other cases you may have to replace your brake switch. Sometimes a faulty brake switch may even cause your brake lights to stay on or even maybe not come on at all. Which in most cases is a cheap easy fix.

Now You Know A Little Bit More About Why Your Brake Light Is On.

What Are You Planning On Doing About It?

Just so you know our team at Last Chance Auto Repair offers brake services from a-z. Including free brake light questions answered plus free brake light inspections. If your brake light is on we want you to know were here for you 24-7 and care for your safety.

Even if your not in our area, give us a call, will guide you through and breakdown the reason your brake light is on. Worry know more, give us a call now.

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