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How Much Does A Head Gasket Repair Cost

Do you have a head gasket problem? A blown head gasket is a serious engine problem that can have been caused simply by lack of maintenance. Hence the importance of proper engine maintenance. Do you know how much a cylinder head gasket replacement service costs?

What Does A Blown Cylinder Head Gasket Look Like?


Common Symptoms Of A Blown Head Gasket May Include:

• White Smoke Coming Out Of Your Tailpipe • Engine Running Rough Or Misfiring

• Engine Overheating • Milky Substance In Your Oil • Oil Substance In Your Coolant

Know one wants to pay for a costly cylinder head gasket replacement service. Maybe if you knew how much a costly cylinder head gasket replacement service was, you’d stay on top of your motor vehicle’s preventive maintenance schedule. Is your vehicle suffering from white smoke coming out of your tailpipe? Is your engine running rough or misfiring? Does your engine overheat? If so you may have a cylinder head gasket issue.

The first step is to confirm with a trusted automotive mechanic shop that the symptoms your vehicle is experiencing is actually caused by a blown head gasket. A cylinder head gasket repair can be one pretty costly service, so you want to be 100% sure that it is indeed a blown cylinder head gasket. Once confirmed, the head gasket repair process is pretty straight forward. What we do over at Last Chance Auto Repair in Plainfield, IL to confirm the need to dig into the upper half of the engine is we preform a combustion system gas analyzation test.

What Is A Combustion System Gas Analyzation Test?

If your suffering from unexplained engine overheating, a loss of coolant without visible leaks, white smoke coming out of exhaust, intermittant check engine light, poor or rough idle, you may need a combustion system gas analyzation test. Cheap, quick and easy service, but required to be sure in some cases of a blown gasket or a cracked head situation.

We typically charge a total of $50.00 for this service.

A combustion system gas analyzation test can be preformed on most vehicles or basicly on any type of internal combustion engine having a radiator, whether it’s gasoline, diesel, alcohol or liquid gas powered. Hot coolant can cause severe burns so you better let a pro perform the test, better safe than sorry. A combustion system gas test, is a test (service) we preform to determine the condition of your cylinder head, cylinder head gasket, plus engine block, by trying to detect combustion chamber gases where combustion chamber gases don’t belong.

How Much Does A Head Gasket Replacement Service Cost?

Well prices do vary from vehicle to vehicle, damage caused by overheating, plus all the parts that need to be replaced during service. Included in most head gasket repair services would be a head gasket kit, coolant/antifreeze, thermostat, coolant/antifreeze flush plus an oil change along with the labor. In some cases, depending on how badly you overheat it, you may also get charged for machining the cylinder head. A worst case senario can include an unfixable cylinder head and or a damaged engine block. What is your plan?

Blown head gasket repair costs at our repair shop in Plainfield, Illinois typically range from between $600-$1,500 on average. I would have to say about 60% have cylinder head or engine damage which can result in higher machine plus cylinder head work costs. Sometimes the additional fee’s are bare minium but other times an engine block can be so bad it is past the point of know return or a cylinder head is so warped it’s unfixable. Hence the needing of an engine replacement service or needing a cylinder head or two. Hence the importance of proper engine maintenance. Out of the 60% about 40% of the additional fee’s are bare minium, once again it is all about how bad it was overheated. Now 40% of people get lucky enough where all the damage is in the head gasket itself, swap the head gasket, boom out the door it goes.

How Long Does A Typical Head Gasket Replacement Take?

Are you in Plainfield, Naperville, Bolingbrook, IL, or any of the surrounding suburbs in need of a head gasket replacement service? Look no further Last Chance Auto Repair in Plainfield is here for all your head gasket repair service needs. How can we help you?

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  1. Steve Nakamura:

    I have a BMW 528i 1998 it seems to be blowing white smoke out the tailpipe and then after a while it seems okay little smoke after it warms up. I have added coolant twice this week about a cup (8oz.) I am thinking to do this on my own but I am not that talented, but if I have to I will to due to cost. With better weather permitting. Just wanted to get a ball park figure with you and needed your expert advice on this matter.144.000 miles. Runs very well regardless of smoke.Can you help? Thanking you in advance.

  2. justin higgins:

    i have a 05town n country mini van the person i bought it from said the head gasket was sealed it runs great but if my headgasket was sealed how long will it last


      Hello from ,

      We’ll it depends on how it was sealed and what it was sealed with. Hopefully it lasts you forever but you should cross your fingers as your hoping. Typically if the head gasket(s) is bad you’ll know one way or another. We offer a test called a combustion chamber gas analyzation test. This test will help us determine the condition of your head gasket(s), if the question of the health of your head gasket(s) may arise. This test typically costs $50. Anymore questions? Feel free to stop by and or give us a call anytime!

      Thanks for the interest in our company!
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