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Having Oil Consumption Problems?

• Have you been having oil consumption issues?Oil Change Plainfield, IL

• Wondering where your oil has been going?

• Motor oil and or engine oil is an oil used for lubricating various engine components.

• The main function of your engine oil is to reduce wear on moving parts by lubricating them to reduce friction. Oil also cleans, inhibits corrosion, improves sealing, and cools the engine by carrying heat away from moving parts. Hence oil is an important ingredient to maintain a healthy engine. Have you checked your oil lately?

Have You Checked Your Oil Lately?

Oil Change Service Plainfield, IL If you own a vehicle you should know how to check your engine oil. A vehicle is typically your second biggest investment other than a place to live. But so many people out there treat their vehicle like it’s a dish washer, an oven or other major appliance. A lot of people don’t worry about their vehicle until something goes wrong. Sometimes the worst case scenario is running your engine out of oil. Where running your investment out of oil can be a major problem that can put a major hole in your pocket.

Do You Know How To Check Your Oil?

It doesn’t matter where you live, Plainfield, Naperville, Bolingbrook, IL, or beyond, everyone should know how to check their oil. Don’t find out the hard way that your engine is out of oil.

• First, make sure that you are parked on level ground, for an accurate reading.

• Two, safely prop your hood open and then find the dipstick, which usually has a brightly colored handle (yellow or orange) and should have the word OIL labeled on it.

• Three, pull the dipstick out and wipe it off with a rag of some kind (remember oil stains usually don’t come out) and then replace it into the engine, making sure that it goes all the way in.

• Four, pull the dipstick back out and make sure to leave the tip of the dipstick pointing down to get an accurate reading. The dipstick will have two marks on the bottom (usually lines on or holes in the stick), and you can read the oil level by looking to see where the oily section and dry section meet. If you find this mark between the two then you are good to go.

Is Your Vehicle Engine Oil Level Low?

Is your vehicle’s engine oil running low? Do you know how to check your car’s engine oil? Stop by team Last Chance Auto Repair in Plainfield, IL, today will check your oil for free of any charge. Not only will we check it for free but will teach you how to check it if you don’t know how. In the long run if your oil is always low, if your going way over the due date changing your oil, your burning or leaking oil, your engine (investment) just isn’t going to last the way it was designed to last. Replacing, repairing or rebuilding an engine due to lack of fresh, clean and up to par circulating oil can turn into some big bucks that could have been prevented. Waste not, want not.

Where Has Your Engine Oil Been Going?

Automotive Engine Oil LeakEngine oil is crucial to a healthy running engine. Is your oil low? Do you know why? Engines leak oil and burn oil over time. It’s your job to make sure your investment lasts, hence no one is going to check and or make sure someone checks your oil unless you make sure it happens.

There are  many reasons that your vehicle can consume oil. Over at Plainfield’s Last Chance Auto Repair we’ve seen them all, not only that but we have a resolution to the situation at hand to help you get the most out of your investment. Is your vehicle leaking oil? Get it fixed before it’s to late!

Reasons For Oil Consumption

• Gaskets dry rot, crack, blow out leak (external consumption) • Oil blows by your piston rings and burn (internal consumption) • Metal cracks, corrodes, then oil leaks out • Valve covers warp • Cylinder head gaskets go bad and or the heads can warp or crack • Spark plug tube seals • Your engine’s rear main seal • PCV problems • Carbon deposits

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