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Have You Serviced Your Fuel System Lately

Are you around Plainfield, Naperville, Bolingbrook, Illinois thinking to yourself if you have serviced your fuel system lately? Servicing your fuel system sooner than later is always better then to late later. Do you want to know why? Let us break it down for you.

Well for starters before we break it down for you maybe we should tell you what consists of your vehicles fuel system.

 • Fuel Filter • Fuel Pump • Fuel Line • Fuel Tank • Fuel Injector • Fuel Pressure Regulator • Carburetor • Throttle Body  Fuel Pressure Sending Unit  Level Sensor

Fuel Filter Replacement Service In Plainfield, IL


So maybe your wondering how do you service your fuel system? Well since you wondered, we will tell. Typically you start with your basic  fuel filter replacement service. If applicable a fuel filter replacement service is the way to go. As in a clean, flowing, fuel filter will allow your gas to move from your gas tank to your combustion chamber with ease, as the way it was designed to.

What happens if I don’t change my fuel filter properly? Know one wants to pay for a costly fuel pump replacement service. If you find out “after the fact” you could of saved 400-1000 dollars if you would of just changed your fuel filter as preventive maintenance, you may kick yourself for it so to say. There is a lot of things that help make your vehicle’s engine last. One of the most important is clean, free flowing, fuel. Which know engine can live without.

How do I know if I need to change my fuel filter? For one you can always check your maintenance schedule. Two you can bring it to our auto repair shop in Plainfield, Illinois and will actually check it out for free of any charges. Three sometimes it will cause your check engine light to come on and produce several different codes which one happens to include a P0300 random cylinder misfire. Which if not taken care of in a timely manner can cause catastrophic engine failure. Don’t get me wrong P0300 can mean a lot of different things not just a restricted fuel filter.

Does your vehicle have fuel injector’s? Do you think your vehicle likes drinking dirty fuel? That is like asking someone if they like drinking out of the toilet. LOL, kind of funny but imagine your fuel injectors are like straws. Hence something over a certain size will not fit or if it does it gets clogged and creates a problem. As in a misfire typically. A problem that could of been prevented. Which misfires eventually will cause major problems. Not to mention the cost of some fuel injectors these days, oh don’t forget the labor to change them. Is your engine running funny?

How often do I have to change my fuel filter? There are typically two things that affect how often you need to replace your fuel filter. They are, drum roll please. #1 Where you drive. #2 Where you buy your gas. Hence (#1) if you drive a lot on dirt, gravel, dusty roads, your fuel filter will have a harder time keeping the fuel clean. Where in the long run you’ll have to change your fuel filter more often. Maybe your starting to feel a loss of power and or pick up?

Also (#2) the way gas stations maintain their fuel tanks differ from station to station. Hence some clean their tanks regularly and or properly. Then some seem to have forgotten then procedure. If they forget where do you think the contaminate that was suppose to be filtered out goes? Boom lucky guess, into your fuel tank, through your fuel filter, passed your injectors into your engine, if the fuel is lucky enough to make it that far. Hence that is a big reason for fuel injector failure, problems, and or bigger repair bills. But think about it, maybe you stay on top of your fuel filter replacement services and you have nothing to worry about. Are you worried?

Automotive Fuel System Basics For Plainfield, IL, Plus Beyond

Your vehicle’s engine requires a steady supply of clean fuel in order to run well and deliver good fuel economy. Know one want to waste money? But if you do stop by and please drop it off. Your fuel filter’s job is to clean dirt, rust, contaminants out of your fuel well before it gets to your engine. When your fuel filter clogs you may actually choke off your and worst case senario die out while your driving, who knows where, then may need to pay for tow. Another case we see a lot of times your vehicle won’t start or run as soon as it gets cold out. Why? Because your clogged fuel filter may have water in it and or some other material that may freeze at certain temperatures and since you didn’t change it now your stuck, late for work, blowing off that first date, etc. Remember changing your filter if applicable is preventive maintenance in most cases. Sometimes as early as 30,000 miles. Earlier is always better than too late.

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