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Go Green With Last Chance Auto Repair

How do you go green with an auto repair shop? You’d have to be living under a rock to have missed the greening of America these days. What can you do to help go green?

The purpose of the Go Green with Last Chance Auto Repair program is to foster great implementation of green practices having to do with proper vehicle maintenance. As a team we will both be able to help with Going Green together. Our team over at Last Chance Auto Repair believes in proper maintenance. Hence proper maintenance helps reduce emission levels. So by you following your maintenance schedule and then by us maintaining your vehicle properly, both of us are involved in the fight to Go Green. Want to help? Call our team today.

Go Green With Last Chance Auto Repair

How do you go green at Last Chance Auto Repair? Call to schedule an appointment or stop by today to receive our “complete go green checkup” for your vehicle to help improve performance, gas mileage go green. Wondering what’s included with our complete go green checkup?

Complete Go Green Checkup:

• Tires: Replace worn tires when needed.
• Tire Pressure: Maintaining proper tire pressure is important for fuel economy.
• Motor Oil: Top off or change oil as necessary with manufacture recommended oil.
• Air Filter: Replace air filter to manufactures recommended schedule or when needed.
• Check Engine Light: Ignoring lights can lead to expensive repairs and or more problems.
• Brakes: Properly maintained brakes reduce drag which will hence improve fuel economy.
• Engine: Enhance fuel economy plus performance by changing your spark plugs accordingly.
• Transmission: Keep your transmission plus drivetrain healthy to help increase fuel economy.

Do you care for our environment? Do you want to do your part in the fight for green? Is your check engine light (emission gussler indicator) on? For many reasons, check engine lights are often ignored. Maybe it’s because nothing seems to be wrong with your vehicle at first or a mechanic has looked at your engine and tells you it’s running fine, there can be long lasting mechanical damage to your engine and our environment if the problem goes unsolved.

Do you want to help go green? For more info on some of our services that help you go green, you can visit our website at or stop by today.

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