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Does Your Transmission Have A Filter?

Your vehicle’s engine has filters. But did you know transmissions have filter also?

Both domestic and foreign vehicles come with transmission filters. Some have a replaceable filter and or cartridge. Some have a metal screen hence filter. Do you know what your vehicle has? Engine oil filters need to be replaced. As do transmission oil filters. Changing a filter is considered basic maintenance regardless. Are you due?

Last Chance Auto Repair has been servicing transmissions which includes replacing transmission filters for Plainfield, Naperville, Bolingbrook, Illinois, plus a lot of Chicago’s South-West suburbs since 1978. Not sure if your due? Stop by for a free transmission inspection.

Transmission Filter Replacement

Plainfield, Naperville, Bolingbrook, IL

Servicing your automatic transmission filter and fluid will help maximize the life of your trans. Did you know that there are magnets inside your transmission that catch debris and shrapnel that also need to be serviced periodically? No? Leave it to the pro’s, bring it by, will show you.

Why change your transmission filter? Your vehicle’s transmission is one of the most complicated mechanical components of your vehicle. A little saying that we live our lives by is “Don’t start any problems, there won’t be any problems” so to say. Especially complicated transmission problems caused by a restricted transmission filter. Do you know when to change your transmission filter? Are you due for a transmission servicing? Call Last Chance for all your trans service needs.

Is It About Time To Service Your Transmission Filter?

Due for a transmission service? Do you have any trans related questions? Do you notice any of the following issues that could soon turn into major problems if left ignored? The follwoing issues could be a good indicator that it is about that time to service your transmission.

• Fluid color has changed from red to brown or even yellow • Fluids smells burned • Rough shifting hence starting to shift different • Varnish, dirt , shrapnel on your transmission dipstick • Clicking, buzzing, humming unusual sounds • If you notice any fluid underneath your vehicle

So if your around Plainfield, Naperville, Bolingbrook wondering if your due for a transmission filter replacement, stop by Last Chance Auto Repair 12052 S Naper-Plainfield Road for a free inspection or give us a call at 815-577-0327 to schedule an appointment today.

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