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Broken Spark Plug Repair

Are you having a problem with a blown out spark plug, stripped spark plug, broke off spark plug, stubborn spark plugs that just won’t come out?. Whatever you want to call it, regardless it’s a major problem. A leader of this major issue through many years in our eyes is your ever popular Ford with a 4.6, 5.4, and big dog 6.8 Triton engines. Second place goes to your good old buddy dodge. But that is just according to our many years of spark plug experience.

Plainfield Naperville Bolingbrook IL Stripped Spark Plug Repair

There are many different repair techniques out there used to repair this horrible issue. Which one is correct, which one works, what do they cost? Over at Last Chance Auto Repair we have experts that have years of experience repairing blown out, broke, stripped spark plugs. We have been repairing blown out spark plugs in Chicago’s Southwest suburbs for many years. We have performed these repairs for new car dealers, used car dealers, police departments, rental fleets, and folks that have had their plugs blow out. The only good news when it comes to a broken spark plug, is that there is a solution. Worry know more Last Chance Auto Repair is here to save the day. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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