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Breaking The ‘Misogynist Mechanic’ Image, A Fair Deal For Women

Women Approved Auto Repair ShopWe like to think that we live in a world of equal opportunity, in which women are appreciated for their humanity rather than their gender-specifics. However, when it comes to automotive-repair, many women feel that they’re being treated unfairly. Some women who take their cars for repair worry that they’re going to be overcharged due to assumptions that they have little to no mechanical knowledge, or treated with misogynistic attitudes. Even in this day and age, automotive repair shops can be threatening places for ladies. Sexism is thought to be rife in automotive repair shops worldwide, with many competent female mechanics and female customers complaining [1] that they are treated appallingly within mechanical environments. Furthermore, it can be hard for young mothers to afford the extortionate prices charged by many mechanics. This is not the case over at Plainfield’s one and only (drum roll) Last Chance Auto Repair. We treat everyone with the courtesy, respect, and honesty that they deserve. We make no assumptions about people purely based on their gender, and we are scrupulously above-board in all of our charging. As a result, we’re much more affordable for mothers with other financial commitments than a great many of our competitors!

Equal Treatment

To be perfectly honest, Plainfield’s Last Chance Auto Repair really should not have to pride themselves on their equal treatment of women – as it should be a given that the entire automotive-industry is unbiased when it comes to gender. Vehicle insurers don’t charge higher or lower premiums based on gender, so why should a woman expect to get different treatment from a man when she goes to get her car fixed? Unfortunately, however, we live in an imperfect world. In surveys about the automotive repair & service industry, reports come back every time of women feeling that they’ve been mistreated on account of their gender. Common complaints include belittling language being used, mechanics trying to take advantage of a perceived lack of mechanical knowledge, and queries being dismissed as unimportant because they come from a woman to name a few. Quite aside from the fact that women are just as capable of (and increasingly likely to have) good mechanical knowledge as men, it is, quite simply, appalling customer service to treat anyone in a shoddy or dismissive manner due to their gender.

The Price Problem

A very problematic aspect of the differing treatment of women and men in auto repair shops is that of price. This is an issue combining both inherent misogyny and dishonesty. A study found that men who reveal themselves to be ignorant of auto mechanics will often be overcharged for repair & service work. This alone is incredibly dishonest. However, the study also revealed that a woman doesn’t have to reveal her ignorance to be overcharged – in fact, the reverse is true. Unless they revealed themselves to be mechanically competent, it was assumed that they knew nothing and were automatically overcharged – “Women were offered an average price of $406, while their male counterparts received a quote of $383” [2]. One of the study’s authors told the Wall Street Journal that “It seems to us that shops assume that a man, on average, is more likely to figure out if it’s a fair price than a woman” [3]. It’s also more generally assumed that a woman will meekly accept an unfair price, whereas a man may fight it.

A Refreshing Change

Last Chance Auto Repair Plainfield, IL, however, is committed to breaking this trend. If a woman comes in, we do not assume that she knows more about shoes and hairdressing than her car so to say. Even if we did, we certainly would not overcharge her purely on the basis of ignorance. At Plainfield’s Last Chance Auto Repair, we aim to provide a respectful, polite, and more than professional service in all situations, period. We try to make our customers feel as safe and as comfortable as possible, and are dedicated to dealing honestly with any and everyone who comes through our auto repair shop’s doors. Our prices are more than reasonable, affordable for most young mothers, and come with the guarantee that they’re not taking advantage of anyone’s perceived gullibility. You pay for the work that’s done which – unfortunately – is more than can be said of the service at many of the other automotive repair shops.

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