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Dealing With The Shakes

When our customer’s car shakes, vibrates, pulsates, sometimes we can hear frustration in their voices. Everyone wants a comfortable ride as they drive. It can get frustrating when a ride isn’t riding the way it was designed to ride. You having a problem? Stop by.

What Causes A Vehicle To Shake, Vibrate, Pulsate?

Do you know what is causing your vehicle to shake, vibrate, and or pulsate? If not, bring it by will take a look at it for free of and charges. But lets breakdown the basics before you breakdown. Hum, where to start?

So many possibilities, before we make an educated decision it would be nice to know a few details. Here is a few questions you should ask yourself before you bring your vehicle to a mechanic. It always better to sound like you know what your talking about.

Question: Is your steering wheel and or brake pedal vibrating when you apply the brake?

Answer: If so more than likely your brake rotors and or brake drums are your usual culprit 9 out of 10 times. But however other culprits may include ball joints, tie rods, bearings, struts, shocks and or other steering-suspension components can be to blame. The only way to be 100% certain you’ll have to have a professional mechanic or at least someone that knows what they are doing take a look at it. But in most cases it is your brake rotors-drums that are warped.

Question: Is your check engine light on or is it maybe even flashing?

Answer: If so that can typically narrow down the many different possibilities. Hence when your check engine light is on usually it means you need a tune-up service. Including spark plugs, ignition wires (spark plug wires), air filter, fuel filter, some basics. Hopefully if your lucky a tune-up will solve your issue. If not, the list goes on. Which may include fuel injectors, ignition coils (where if your check engine light is flashing 8 out of 10 times, boom), fuel pump or even a fuel pressure regulator. After those basics, it’s going to start looking like a little bit bigger of a problem.

Question:  Is your vehicle vibrating while driving?

Answer: Usually it turns out to be a tire or wheel problem, out of balance tire, out of round tire, separating tire (tread coming off of the core), or maybe even a bent wheel. Usually these problems are caused from plowing, slamming, or running into a curb so to say. Where if you run into a curb hard enough you may even bend your a-arm and or worse case senario, without smashing up your vehicle, the ever much more expensive to replace if it is even replaceable frame.

What To Do If Your Vehicle Is Shaking, Vibrating Or Pulsating

Are you having one of these many different problems in or around Plainfield, Naperville, Bolingbrook, IL? For one you should be careful and make sure to rectify your vehicle’s problem before it gets any worse. Two stop by our automotive repair shop in Plainfield, IL. Will actually look at it for free of any charges, then schedule it accordingly to what suits you best.

Otherwise if your vehicle is shaking, vibrating or pulsating it isn’t going to get better all by itself. It’s only going to get more dangerous over time. So the longer you wait the more dangerous it will get. The good news is that these problems are easily avoided, corrected and or fixed. By they can turn into a snowball rolling down a hill. Hence they will only turn into a bigger problem which typically means a bigger bill if not taken care of in a timely manner.

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