Auto Restoration


Auto Restoration

Are you thinking about where to bring your vintage vehicle to be restored?

One thing we always look forward to, is when a hot rod or classic car comes to our shop. Money, time, effort, plus love that people put into there vehicles sometimes amazes our minds. We’ve worked on them all from vintage, muscle, classic or hot rod vehicles our knowledge plus education goes a long way. Plainfield, Naperville, Bolingbrook, IL plus beyond bring them in lets see what your working with. Large projects, small projects, or just come by to show it off and talk about it. We respect them all. Lets put our minds together, then see what we come up with.


Vintage Car Repair Plainfield Naperville Bolingbrook IL

• Frame Off Full Restoration 
• Auto Glass Replacement
• Custom Painting Service
• Suspension Installation
• Sheet Metal Fabricating
• Custom Body Work
• Engine Rebuilding
• Transmissions

Classic Car Repair Plainfield Naperville Bolingbrook IL

Did you find a vintage car in a barn now your looking for someone to dust her off? It’s a great feeling restoring a customers vintage car to its former beautiful original self. However, working on a classic car is unlike working on a newer modern day vehicles. Vintage, classic, plus muscle car mechanical systems are very different. That is where correct knowledge from a proper team comes in more than helpful. Our team will restore your classic car to correct numbers matching, factory original condition, if that is what you want. Do you want a customized muscle monster machine? What ever makes you happy, that’s why were in business.

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