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Family Owned, Priced Right, Quality Auto Repair Shop You Can Trust Plus Afford In Plainfield Illinois

Family owned, priced right, quality auto repair shop you can trust plus afford means a lot to us, let us show and tell you what it’s all about. Or simply call today, save tomorrow.

Low-Cost Auto Repair Plainfield, ILEveryone wants to save money but sometimes in life you get what you pay for, plain and simple. There is a difference at Last Chance Auto Repair. What is the difference you wonder? The big one, is that there is no corporate mouths to be fed. Second place goes to our overhead costs. We don’t need to put massive money into our location trying to look good to lure you in. Our good looks that come naturally and our superior reputation speaks for itself. Third were family owned & operated since 1978.

Quality Repairs You Can Afford At Last Chance Auto Repair

We don’t want your arms and legs we just want your auto repair services Plainfield, Naperville, Bolingbrook, IL, plus all surrounding suburbs. We don’t say that were the cheapest auto repair shop but were not looking to lose a customer over a couple of dollars. You can always go out of your way and travel to a town or city where the cost of living is cheaper hence that may reflect on the hourly labor rate that the auto repair shop will charge you.

Now our labor rate is one of the cheapest if not the cheapest in our local area. We even have a low cost guarantee, where if you find a cheaper price and bring us the estimate will match then beat it by a certain amount to make sure of your happiness if that is the determining factor. In the long run we don’t push cheap were all about quality you can trust plus afford.

Count On Last Chance Auto Repair Of Plainfield, Illinois For:

• Quality parts (that all come with a warranty)

• Highly trained mechanics (trained to ASE standards)

• A warranty is included on all of our services (parts & labor)

• Top notch customer service that you can trust plus count on

Over at Last Chance Auto Repair you can count on our quality parts or will even install your parts if need be. We have commercial accounts set up at most local aftermarket part stores & dealerships, the best of both worlds. We even offer used parts from recycling centers, junkyards and even those come with warranties. Anywhere from a 30 day warranty up to an unlimited mileage 10 year warranty. What kind of warranty will make you happy? If your not happy were not happy.

Count on our educated team of mechanics that are all highly trained to ASE standards for all your domestic plus foreign vehicle needs. We have mechanics that have come straight out of school, fresh off the farm, right out of the bays of dealerships, coming out of hush hush research labs. We pick and choose our team to not only meet our needs but also yours.

Top notch customer service that you can trust & count on is a given at Last Chance Auto Repair. Whatever our team has to do to make you happy we will certainly try to do. Now you can’t make everyone happy but our team certainly tries our best. One of our biggest determining factors that certainly has been proven to make people we meet a little happier is our local shuttle services. From here to there from there to here. Don’t have a ride? We have you covered.

If that isn’t enough we always have more to offer up our sleeves. Including, maybe you can’t afford to pay for all the auto services you and your vehicle require. That is where our auto repair financing kicks in to save the day. Or maybe you have a lot of friends and family in the local area? Hence that is where our auto repair referral program kicks in. Not only will it help pay for some of your auto repairs it will also make your pocket feel better by keeping some of that hard earned money in your pocket. Were here for each other in the long run.

Last Chance Auto Repair For Cars Trucks, Auto Repair & Service, Plainfield, IL

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