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Should you cut or re-surface your rotors when doing brakes?
Are you looking for a brake shop that has a brake lathe?
When you change your clutch do you cut your flywheel?

If your in Plainfield, Naperville, Bolingbrook, IL, or even any of the surrounding suburbs looking for a brake shop that offers brake lathe services you found the right place. Call now or stop by.

Should You Resurface Your Brake Rotors?

Like brake pads, brake rotors don’t last forever, well unless your talking about our lifetime warranty on our brake parts. Knowing when to turn brake rotors is important as it can save you a substantial amount of money and ensure your car remains safe to drive. If your rotor surface is smooth there is generally no need to have them turned. If, however, you have warping, or rough spots they should be turned, or replaced. Brake parts are designed to wear plain and simple. However brake parts can last longer and save you money if taken care of properly.

As a rule, most original equipment (OE) rotors are designed with enough thickness to go two or more pad replacements. But some cars today rotors are thinner to save on weight and cost. Consequently some rotors may be worn down to the minimum thickness specification (which is usually marked on the rotor casting) by the time the first set of brake pads are needed or in some cases even sooner. The minimum thickness spec is an important number because it is the minimum thickness that provides safe braking. As a rotor wears and becomes thinner, it has less mass. Reducing the rotor’s ability to absorb and dissipate heat. Also reducing the strength of the rotor, increasing risk of cracking or even breaking otherwise known as rotor failure.

Flywheel Lathe Cutting Resurfacing Service

Good rule of thumb is to try to resurface your flywheel every time you have your clutch replaced or even worked on. Many clutch manufacturers refuse to accept warranty claims if this isn’t done at the time you replace your clutch. There are many signs pointing towards you needing your flywheel resurfaced. Signs you may need your flywheel resurfaced may include the following. Glazing or discoloration or the flywheel surface? Look like the flywheel surface is cracking? Is the flywheel “cupped” or wearing unevenly? Need your flywheel resurfaced?

So new flywheel or resurface? Unless you want the performance gain of a lightweight flywheel, our team would recommend the resurfacing, There usually isn’t any reason you can’t resurface the original, as long as it’s done properly, this is typically the best route to go. Not resurfacing your flywheel may cause the clutch to glaze or even not seat right. Usually a clutch replacement service is a pretty lengthy labor intense job. Do you want to take a chance of having to do the job twice? As in since you didn’t cut your flywheel now your vehicle shakes horribly.

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