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 We service A/C systems complete from a simple charge (freon refill) to a complete A/C system overhaul. Last Chance Auto Repair is a complete auto air conditioning repair plus installation solution for all your vehicle’s air conditioning needs. We’ve been serving Plainfield, Bolingbrook, Naperville, Romeoville, IL, & beyond A/C services since 1978.

Automotive Air Conditioning Repair, Service, & Recharging

Plainfield, Naperville, Bolingbrook, Romeoville, IL

Wondering what your vehicle’s A/C system consists of? Today, most automotive A/C systems consist of 5 major components. These 5 (parts) are the evaporator (EVAP core), A/C compressor, condenser, and two other items, either a receiver/drier and expansion valve (also called a thermal, or thermostatic expansion valve), or an accumulator and orifice tube. Which two of these four last items depends on the type of A/C system your vehicle is equipped with. Want to know a little bit more perhaps?

Automotive Air Conditioning Servicing

A/C CompressorWhy do A/C compressors get replaced?

Well, they leak (number one issue), compressor clutch electrically

fails and mechanical failures are the major culprits of this issue.

When there is an issue you want to rectify it ASAP. The longer

you wait, the more costly repairs will get.

A/C CondenserWhy do condensers have issues? Your condenser

collects contaminants and oil out of the refrigerant (freon) from the

compressor by means of your vehicles expansion valve. If your

condenser is dirty (clogged), flushing moves sludge through the

system. This is how other components get damaged and bills go up.

A/C EvaporatorWhat causes evaporator core problems? Your

evaporator coil is an important part of your A/C system. Moisture

can develop on fins causing mold mildew to form which is no good.

Sometimes this mold can clog your drain tube. It’s good practice to

turn the a/c off before you park, to help dry the moisture.

A/C DrierAlso known as an A/C accumulator. A/C driers are used

to absorb water completely and avoid the A/C compressor from seeing

contaminantes. Moisture is enemy #1 for your A/C system. Moisture

in a system mixes with refrigerant and forms a corrosive acid. If you

think theirs moisture change accumulator or drier to save money.

Auto Air Conditioning Repair Plainfield, Naperville, Bolingbrook, IL

With routine maintenance, you can keep your A/C system and components in top notch working condition. Last Chance Auto Repair For Cars Trucks is here to serve you and your A/C system complete. From fixing no air coming out of vent situations. To air conditioners blowing warm air. Also moldy or gas smells when ever you use your blower-fan. Let our team at Last Chance handle all your car automotive air conditioning needs complete.

Why Does Your Vehicle’s Air Conditioning Not Work?

• The most likely cause of an air conditioner cooling problem is no refrigerant (freon) in your A/C  system. A lack of freon in some vehicles will your air conditioning compressor not to turn on due to a low pressure safety switch. This protects your expensive air conditioning compressor from possible damage caused by a lack of lubrication. Stop by, will check it out.

• Compressor failure problems are also common enough. Typically due to a of loss of lubrication, which in turn can be caused by low refrigerant in your system, or a blockage in the orifice tube. Which will effect refrigerant and oil from circulating to the compressor correctly.

• Built up moisture in your A/C system allows ice to form and block the orifice tube. Causing a restriction that stops the flow of freon and oil (pag oil) through your A/C system. Where in most cases the air contamination is due to a leak in the system that should be rectified.